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Why you should increase your level of fibre gradually

Author: All-Bran | 01.02.2016

“ Daily recommended intake of fibre: 30g. UK average intake: 18g “

“Fibre is a really important part of our diet,” explains Kellogg’s Nutritionist, Catriona Campbell. “It helps to keep us regular by easing the passage of waste materials through our gut.” A recent report from the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition showed that the UK average fibre intake is more than a third lower than it should be.

“If you are falling short of the recommended amount, it is advised that you don’t make an instant or dramatic change to increase your fibre intake, though,” says Catriona. She claims that when people do so, some may experience unwanted effects, such as bloating and wind, as their bodies adapt to the increase.

Instead, Catriona recommends gradually increasing the level of fibre you’re eating: “Try adding a little bit at a time – a handful of almonds or an extra portion of vegetables, or making simple swaps within your everyday diet, like swapping to a higher fibre breakfast cereal such as Bran Flakes.” She added that it’s important to not forget that fibre also absorbs fluid, so you should always make sure you’re drinking enough water and fluid throughout the day – with tea, coffee and juice all counting.

level of fibre gradually


10g of wheat bran fibre per day helps reduce digestive transit time. ALL-BRAN contains at least 3-6g wheat bran fibre per serve. Enjoy as part of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.