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Our Passion for Nutrition

Adding Vitamins & Minerals

Your very best starts with a diet enriched by a variety of vitamins and minerals; cereal plays a very important part in providing these nutrients.

Made with simple grains, Kellogg’s cereals are nutritious. But cereal can do even more to help us maintain a well-balanced diet. That’s where fortification comes in.

Fortifying Your Day

Simply put, fortification is the process of adding vitamins and minerals to foods that do not contain them. By fortifying our cereal with nutrients like riboflavin, iron, thiamin and folic acid, we can better help you to meet the daily dietary recommendations of these vitamins and minerals.

Plus, because we offer your family a wide selection of great-tasting, vitamin-fortified cereals, you can choose the ones that are best for you and your family. So you can get the nutrition you want, all with the taste you enjoy.

Bringing the Sunshine

In 2011, Kellogg’s made a commitment to add vitamin D to all of our children’s cereals.

Known as the sunshine vitamin because our skin naturally produces the nutrient from the sun’s ultra violet light (UVB), vitamin D helps control the amount of calcium we absorb and therefore is important for developing and maintaining strong bones.

Vitamin D deficiency is especially prevalent in, and most critical to the health of, children. With a tendancy to spend more time indoors and less time playing outside, children in the UK are not producing enough vitamin D through a natural exposure to sunlight. This has led to in increase of Rickets – a softening of the bones which only affects children and can lead to fractures and deformity.

By adding this important vitamin to our children’s cereals, we are able to better decrease the incidents of this condition in the UK.

Yet the best way to get vitamin D will always be from the sun. That’s why starting with a balanced breakfast, including a fortified Kellogg’s cereal, helps to provide the energy you and your family need to go outside and take on the day.