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my farm grows rice

Meet the Farmer Claudio

I’m one of the newest members of The Kellogg’s Origins™ Programme, so I’m excited to see the results moving forward.

my farm &

my farm is here - ITALY

novara region since 1967.

my farm have been specialising in rice for 20 years

My grandfather originally farmed livestock and corn.

we grow 4 types of riceyummy choco krispies

for we grow rice that's


for making
cereals like


share two hands & care

For example, technicians within the programme help us take soil samples, before analysing and deciding which agricultural techniques we should use for the best results. All this valuable data can then be shared between our colleagues.

The beauty of the programme is to sit at a table and share experiences and lessons learned from Kellogg’s with other farmers, to help find the best solutions for harvests and fertilisers, while optimising resources and cultivation.


I’m sure it will help us greatly improve as farmers.

grey town
my love

of the land transcends everything, but i really value the apprehension and satisfaction of watching the plants grow,
finally harvesting the fruits of my labour.

cultivation chameleons

The most difficult part of the job is managing unforeseeable events. We can’t anticipate problems; we are chameleon-like, always adapting to our environment.

water world
a waterproof environment

the soil particles in flooded fields bond together, creating a unique, waterproof environment, increasing water retention and soil nourishment. Because of this, we can be very efficient; re-using water 3 or 4 times on our fields.


You can’t control the heavens, but by working with The Kellogg’s Origins™ Programme, we will have access to new strategies to help withstand adverse weather conditions.

Despite that, this area has particularly favourable conditions for rice growing, especially with our water availability from The Cavour Canal and Lake Maggiore.

comandig climate left and right images

Land of rice

The Kellogg’s Origins™ Programme will really help us to optimise the sea of squares images resources we’ve always had at our disposal.

The structure of the farm’s land is absolutely ideal for the cultivation of rice, due to its water resistant clay formation. It means we get a high quality and yield.

land of rice images

sea of squares imagesof squares


the most dramatic moment of the process is without doubt the natural flooding of the rice fields, between april and may. it looks like a sea of squares.

In June the fields are an expanse of green. During harvest time, the fields are gilded with golden rice.


beautifull fields

this watery environment helps attract a variety of wild birds throughout the seasons, including grey herons, which eat insects and pests, which can damage crops.

my hope

“I sincerely hope Italy continues to value this marvellous product. Quality rice such as this requires specific local conditions, which can’t be reproduced. Naturally cultivatable areas like the Novara region are few and far between so it’s important to value and protect the land.”

my hope
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