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Be a force of nature with W.K Kellogg

It’s time for plant power

We’re very proud here at Kellogg’s to have introduced a new range of cereals, granolas and mueslis created in response to an increased global appetite for natural, plant-based foods.

We know peoples’ tastes are constantly evolving and changing, and so are we. Consumer trends have shown increasing numbers are moving towards more plant-powered lifestyles. Today, with over half a million vegans in Britain alone we recognise this movement towards a plant-based diet, and so we have responded.

That’s why our new WK Kellogg range has a plant first mindset, delivering nourishment with a combination of plant-based ingredients, offering a variety of vegan, no added sugar and organic options. So if you’re just trying something new, or you’re a vegan veteran, we’ve got something for you.

By harnessing the power of plants, we’ve created exciting new cereal recipes for W.K. Kellogg that include naturally tasty ingredients such as golden toasted clusters of oats and barley, cocoa powder, cashew nuts, almonds and deliciously diverse fruits. The range also contains no palm oil at all.

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Shopping around

Across Europe, we have seen a change in how consumers make choices and how they are starting to prioritise more plant based foods. . In France, ten percent of French people can see themselves becoming a vegetarian. Also, in a 2016 study based on 2008–2011 data estimated that 4.3 percent of Germans between 18 and 79 identified as vegetarian, with the majority between 18 and 29. And research by retail data analyst IRI reveals that 72% of shoppers in the UK are opting for healthier food choices. With products low in salt, sugar and fat were among their preferences with 43% choosing organic food. And with our new brand having a competitive price point, our WK Kellogg range seeks to make plant-based eating accessible to all.

Behind the scenes, we’re also making a conscious effort for our new products to give back to the community and our planet. The range will fund Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), projects and for every WK Kellogg pack sold, we here at Kellogg’s will make a donation of around 10c to programmes that promote sustainable agriculture and breakfast clubs.

W.K Kellogg on the TV

April 6th 2018 marked the launch of the campaign with an advertisement that showcased the words ‘Be a Force of Nature’, featuring shots of vegans and vegetarians in their diverse careers as firemen, musicians, and lifeguards with one great thing in common - they are all powered by plants.

The campaign is supported by through the line campaign consisting of digital and social media and PR, with a focus on outreach through social media.

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