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Good Leads To Good Leads To Good

Meet the W.K.Kellogg Forces of Nature. Ordinary people doing extraordinary things through the power of plants.

Edric Kennedy Macfoy

Edric Kennedy Macfoy


Meet Edric Kennedy-Macfoy. He’s an energetic and inspirational firefighter, and is currently writing a book on plant-based eating.

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Follow The Forces

Watch a day in the life of our unstoppable Forces of Nature, and find out how they harness the power of plants.

Edric Kennedy-Macfoy has been a firefighter for nearly 13 years. For him, there’s no better way of earning a living than saving lives and helping others. Diet also plays a big part in Edric’s life. He’s been a fully plant-based Force of Nature for nearly two years, and feels physically stronger and fitter than ever before. He works out and trains 5-6 times a week, practices yoga and is an aspiring author, with one book already published and another about plant-based eating currently in the works. Edric is driven by the unpredictability of life, lives every day to the fullest and makes every single second count.

Zara Hudson-Kuzdoj

Zara Hudson-Kuzdoj


Zara Hudson-Kozdoj is a creative force of nature, and has been playing the cello since she was five. She also teaches and inspires kids to play music.

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Follow The Forces

Watch a day in the life of our unstoppable Forces of Nature, and find out how they harness plant power to achieve the impossible.

Zara Hudson-Kozdoj is a second year cellist at the Royal College of Music, and has played in some of the UK’s most iconic and prestigious venues. Her many artistic achievements include leading the Chethams Symphony Orchestra in their final concert, and performing at the TEDx Youth Conference in Manchester. She’s been on a plant-based diet for 2 years, and uses the power of plants to realise her musical dreams and push her performances to the next level. Disciplined, dedicated and inspiring, Zara is a truly artistic Force of Nature.

Calum Hudson

Calum Hudson

Wild Swimmer

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Follow The Forces

Watch a day in the life of our unstoppable Forces of Nature, and find out how they harness plant power to achieve the impossible.

Calum Hudson is a member of the Wild Swimming Brothers, along with his siblings Jack and Robbie. He’s braved some of the coldest waters in the world, and risen to some of the biggest physical challenges on the planet. A lover of the great outdoors since he was a kid, Calum has also conquered extreme triathlons and even swam the shark-infested waters of Alcatraz. Being plant-powered is a big part of his life too. A veggie for many years, Calum is currently making the leap to going fully plant-powered, and uses his healthy diet to overcome new challenges and inspire others every step of the way.

Dive Into Wholesome Granola

The W.K.Kellogg range is all wholesome, healthy and nutritious. So whatever delicious cereal, bar or granola you dive into, you know it’s going to be good.

Our Range

  • No Added Sugar

    No Added Sugar

    Mouth-watering combinations of toasted oats and crunchy nuts or juicy fruits with no added sugar or artificial sweeteners.

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  • Plant Protein

    Plant Protein

    Delicious clusters of baked wholegrains. A perfect plant based source of protein. Contains no palm oil or artificial flavours, and is suitable for vegans.

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  • By Kids

    By Kids

    Our new kids cereal that was designed by kids for kids and the family. Little multi grain shapes containing fruit and vegetables and no added sugar.

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Power Of Three

We asked Edric, Calum and Zara to give us their top three tips for plant-based eating. Check them out below.


We Believe In Plant Based Nutrition

Let's come together for food to champion heathy lifestyles through nutritious uplifting plant based foods. To never stop exploring innovating & improving to continue giving back to communities & the planet we borrow from with over 100 years of experience. - Will Keith Kellogg


Giving Back to the Community

In the spirit of the philanthropic values of W.K. Kellogg, the Kellogg Company founder for every pack of WK Kellogg cereals and snacks sold , Kellogg will use 10c/10p to support projects that provide breakfast for people in need, and projects that promote sustainable agriculture.

Since the WKK brand was launched in 2018 over €2million has been generated to help farmers in Spain and the UK grow rice and wheat in a more sustainable way, and to help charities and other NGO’s provide breakfast for children in Germany, France, Spain, the UK, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark and Italy.


What is the W.K. Kellogg Range?

Kellogg’s W.K. Kellogg is a new range of delicious plant-powered cereals and granolas. Named after our founder William Keith Kellogg, the range is the fruit of our 100 years of experience transforming grains into tasty cereals. It introduces variants of new tasty and nutritious plant-based foods: no added sugar, organic and vegan.

How many products are there in the W.K Kellogg range?
  • Supergrains Granola Cocoa, Cashew & Almonds

  • Supergrains Granola Cranberry, Sultana & Seeds

  • No Added Sugar Granola Apricot & Pumpkin Seed

  • No Added Sugar Granola Cashew, Coconut & Almond

  • Organic Wheats

  • Organic Wheats Raisin

What’s in the cereals?

In the W.K Kellogg range, we’ve used a variety of different wholegrains like oats, wheat, barley and rye blended them with a range of ingredients like coconut to create a range with different flavours and textures. Some include nuts like almonds and cashews, as well as seeds such as chia, flax and sunflower seeds, and fruits such as apricots, cranberries and sultanas.

So, each cereal is deliciously different.

How did you create them?

We asked our customers what they wanted, and what they didn’t want. The response was clear: people want cereals with a delicious combination of grains, nuts and seeds with no added sugar or artificial colours / flavourings.

So that’s exactly what we created.

Why are you launching the new range now?

There’s an increasing demand for more natural choices at breakfast time. So, we felt it was the perfect time to launch a tasty new range of cereals with no added sugar, organic and vegan options.

What is plant-based?

Plant-based eating is a diet based on foods derived from plants with fewer animal products such as meat. It is a term used to describe vegan, vegetarian and semi-vegetarian diets.

Plant-based eating helps to promote more sustainable nutrition, a single concept used to describe the overlap between sustainable food production and consumption of a nutritionally balanced diet - bringing together the desire for better overall outcomes across the whole food system - both for human health and for the ecosystems that people and food production depend on.

What does plant power mean?

To us, plant power is a philosophy. Every grain of W.K.Kellogg is made with a plant-first mindset, and we carefully consider every single ingredient. Each box is free from artificial colours or flavours, and is packed with delicious, responsibly sourced ingredients.

What is the nutritional value of the range?

The full ingredient list for each product of our range figures at the back of all packs, along with nutritional information.

Are they fortified?

No, none of the variants in the W.K Kellogg range are fortified. They are all a source of naturally occurring magnesium.

Is this new cereal vegetarian/vegan?

Yes, all are vegan in the UK and Ireland.

Why are you targeting one range at vegans and making the rest of your portfolio non-vegan?

We recognise that consumers tastes are changing and that people want more choice at breakfast, such as organic and vegan, so these are areas we will continue to explore.

Why are some of your other cereals not vegan?

In some foods, we use vegetarian Vitamin D, sourced from a non-vegan origin. So, some of our other cereals are unsuitable for anyone either currently on a vegan diet, adopting a vegan lifestyle or who choose products from non-animal sources.

Are they just full of sugar?

When we created the W.K Kellogg range, we selected our ingredients very carefully whilst still offering variety in the range for different tastes. We have products with no added sugar and the sugar content starts as low as 2.4g per 100g / 1g per serving.

Does the W.K. Kellogg range contain artificial flavours and colours?

No. We recognise that this is something that people want less of, so none of the products in the W.K Kellogg range contain artificial colours or flavours.

Does this cereal contain palm oil?

No, none of the variants of W.K. Kellogg contain palm oil.  We made the whole range without using palm oil as we know this is something people want less of in their food.

Is this food made from Genetically Modified Ingredients?

No. None of the food made and distributed by Kellogg’s in Europe contains ingredients derived from GMO.

How recyclable is your packaging?

Since 1906, the paperboard of our cereal boxes has been recycled and today over a lot of our food packaging comes from recycled content.

The outer cardboard of the W.K. Kellogg box is made from recycled materials and is recyclable, however the inner liner bag is made from PE (polyethylene) and is only recyclable in specialist locations.

How much funding is being raised through the sale of WKK products?

The WKK range will raise $1.2m (€1,000,000) to support projects that promote sustainable agriculture and provide breakfast for those in need in Europe.

Where is the funding being raised by the sale of WKK products being spent?

The funding is being spent on a range of projects that promote sustainable agriculture and provide breakfast for those in need across Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. You can find out more about these projects here:

Where does the money go?

Since the of launch WK Kellogg range of cereals in 2018, we’ve sold 4.59 million packs in the UK and raised £459,000 for good causes. Up until the end of March 2020 we had donated £350,000 to hundreds of breakfast clubs in the most disadvantaged areas of the UK via donations of £1000.00 per school. Schools are able to spend this money on anything that enables the breakfast club needs to run well including food, crockery, cutlery, toasters etc.

The balance of funding has supported Kellogg’s Origins programme in the UK where Kellogg funds activities and projects (that are free for the farmer) which improve yields and at the same time reduce environmental impact.

10p from every pack goes towards two charities:

Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust – Origins

GWCT is a Charitable Trust. They use science to use science to promote game and wildlife management as an essential part of nature conservation.

Their charity page provides more information:

Forever Manchester – school breakfast club grants programme
Forever Manchester is a charity that raises money to fund and support community activity across Greater Manchester. Their Charity Commission page provides more information.

So of the £459,000 raised through pack sales from launch to the end of March £350,000 was used to support breakfast clubs and £109,000 Origins, so 76% on breakfast clubs and 24% on Origins.

W.K.Kellogg No Added Sugar Granolas, Super Grains Granolas & Wheats: ≥15% RI magnesium; WKK Plant Protein Crunch & WKK by Kids: ≥15% RI phosphorus; and WKK No Added Sugar Bars: ≥15% RI manganese contributing to normal energy-yielding metabolism. Enjoy as part of a varied, balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. No Added Sugar variants contain naturally occurring sugars.

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