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Eating Enough Fibre

There are plenty of ways to help you get your recommended daily fibre intake

Eating Enough Fibre

The benefits of eating more fibre

Wouldn’t you rather skip through your day than feel sluggish and uncomfortable? Having a healthy digestive system can make all the difference, and eating more fibre means you can help keep your digestion tip top.

Did you know the European Food Safety Authority recommend adults to get 25g fibre per day; while in the UK specifically SACN advise 30g fibre per day? Alarmingly, 9 in 10 adults in the UK, and over 4 in 5 adults in Ireland don’t meet fibre recommendations (NDNS 2018; IUNA 2011).

Eating plenty of wholegrains, nuts, seeds, fruit, vegetables, high fibre breakfast cereals and legumes, such as beans, lentils and peas, is a good place to start to help you eat more fibre.

A bowl of All-Bran Original will give you about a third of your daily fibre needs before the day even gets going. (A (40g) bowl of All-Bran Original provides 11g fibre, which is 36% of the 30g/day SACN recommendation (UK) / 44% of the 25g/day EFSA recommendation (Ireland).)