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Diet for a healthy pregnancy

 Author: All-Bran | 18.05.2015

It is important that you find the right balance of foods and nutrients in your pregnancy diet, to remain healthy and also support your baby’s development. Making sure that you are including the right amount of fibre in your diet, and drinking enough fluids, could remedy some of the common digestive discomfort often experienced during pregnancy, like constipation.

Diet for a healthy pregnancy

Healthy eating for pregnancy and breastfeeding are, in essence, similar to healthy eating at any other life stage.

"During pregnancy, the requirement for some vitamins and minerals increases. In general, these can be met by eating a variety of foods, however regularly choosing foods fortified with vitamins and minerals (such as fortified breakfast cereals) can significantly increase vitamin and mineral intakes"

You can find out more on the effect pregnancy can have on your digestive health here: .

Your baby relies on you to provide everything they need to grow and develop, but you need to remember to look after yourself as well. The added strain on your own body and its reserves of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, make it doubly important for you to follow a healthy, varied and balanced diet.

To ensure you get all the nutrients you need to help you and your baby stay healthy, make sure your diet includes the right balance of foods from the 5 food groups and be aware of some foods to avoid.

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"Your overall diet should be made up of lots of different types of foods. It’s a good idea to think of getting the balance right every day, but not necessarily at every meal. You might even find it easier to get the balance right over a longer period, like a week."



10g of wheat bran fibre per day helps reduce digestive transit time. ALL-BRAN contains at least 3-6g wheat bran fibre per serve. Enjoy as part of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.