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Reducing food waste is essential for the health of our planet. Yet in the EU alone, around 57 million tonnes of food waste are generated annually with associated costs estimated at around €130 billion1. Half of this food waste happens in households, and it is estimated that confusion over dates of minimum durability, and what they mean, are responsible for up to 10% of this2.

Kellogg has joined the fight against food waste by adding the ‘Look, Smell, Taste" label from Too Good To Go onto its packs. The aim is to help consumers avoid regularly throwing away products where the best before date has passed, but the product is still good, and safe to eat. Information on how to avoid food waste is shown on the top of Kellogg’s cereal packs beside the best before date.

This is in addition to the Kellogg Company food waste commitment to reduce organic waste, including food waste, when making our food by 50% across our global Kellogg-owned manufacturing facilities by the end of 20303 which is in line with both the EU and UN goals4.

Understanding Best Before Dates (BB)

When the BB date of a product is exceeded, don’t automatically throw it away, use your senses, and your judgement! Make sure that the product has been stored correctly by following the instructions on the packaging as this will help to preserve the quality and freshness of the food. Use your senses: