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03 Sep, 2015


Crazy inventions include a cereal-dispensing crane that you wear on your head Drone transports cereal and school bags via remote control Kellogg’s hires British inventor to make breakfast technology a reality

Visitors at London’s famous Cereal Killer Café grappled with some weird and wonderful cereal-eating inventions this morning as part of a new exploration into the world of ‘wearable brek’. 

Punters tested out a cereal drone that flies Rice Krispies from shop counter to table, a wearable crane device that injects milk into cereal bowls, and an e-spoon that measures the mouthfuls of food as you eat. 

The prototypes, commissioned by Kellogg’s, were created with the aim of adapting the ‘wearable tech’ trend to revolutionise the way we eat breakfast.

Dominic Wilcox worked on the cereal giant’s behalf to bring the inventions to life. His previous off-the-wall designs include a stained-glass car, shoes with a built in GPS that guide you back home and a giant listening device that lets you hear the sounds of the city.

His innovative designs, unveiled to bemused members of the public today, included: 

The Robowl – a personal flying robot drone that doubles up as a handy helper

The Crane Head Cereal Serving Device – a hands-free helmet that allows you to dig into a cereal packet and serve into a bowl and dispense milk

The Soggy-O-Meter – a gadget that sets off an alarm when your cereal reaches your preferred level of sogginess

The e-Spoon – an adorable illuminating spoon that lights up when you’ve had 14 spoonfuls of cereal

Gary and Alan Keery,  identical twins from Belfast, opened the Cereal Killer Café to great fanfare late last year in Brick Lane. Since then the franchise has expanded to Camden, where today’s live review  took place. 

Gary said: “Cereal has been around for a long time, but the success of the Cereal Killer café shows it’s as relevant as ever. These prototypes show that we might not necessarily be consuming it in the same way forever.”

Kellogg’s spokeswoman Louise Thompson-Davies said: “We’ve been making cereal for almost 100 years, and we’re always looking for ways to make the rush of breakfast time easier and more fun.

“Not only do Dominic’s inventions offer an amazingly creative way to help families enjoy the nutritional benefits of cereal and milk but they have brought us one step closer to solving the conundrum of soggy cereal in the morning.” 

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