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15 Apr, 2015


Almost a quarter want to start their own business and dream of being their own boss

Strictly Come Dancing presenter Tess Daly fulfils her “life list” dream of being a fashion designer


Watch out, bosses of Britain! Six million Brits secretly want to quit their job in the most outrageous possible fashion and pursue their ultimate life dreams.

A survey of 2,000 people by Special K showed that striding out of work without a care in the world is on the bucket lists of almost one in eight people.

And what’s more, some 23 per cent of respondents said they’d love to start their own business, compared to just 7 per cent whose goal was to be a stay-at-home parent.

Setting up your own company was the third most popular bucket list item, behind seeing the Northern Lights (37 per cent) and buying your own home (27.5 per cent).

The news comes as Strictly Come Dancing presenter Tess Daly ticked off one of the top items on her own bucket list today: becoming a fashion designer.

The multi-talented TV star unveiled a spectacular bespoke balloon dress worn on Bournemouth Beach at sunrise this morning to mark the start of British summer time ahead of the clocks going forward this weekend.

Tess said: “I'm pretty fortunate in my job that I am often surrounded by beautiful dresses. I have always wanted to try my hand had designing so when Special K asked me to support their Live in Colour campaign, which is about living life to the full, I jumped at the chance to fulfil my dream by designing a dress that brings this concept to life. The balloons add a quirky twist and represent finding uplifting inspiration in everything you do.”

Meanwhile the survey showed some stark differences between the “life” bucket lists of women and the guys.

For women, getting married and having children were big priorities, but for men these were secondary to getting impressive six pack abs.

Men were also more likely to want a one-night stand with a complete stranger (13 per cent versus 7 per cent) and to write a raunchy Fifty Shades-esque novel (7.5 per cent to 6 per cent).

Women, meanwhile, were more likely to want to have a tattoo done (13.5 per cent versus 10 per cent).

Among the weird and wonderful items at the top of people’s “life” bucket lists were: Learning the Dirty Dancing routine; appearing on Britain’s Got Talent, being confident in taking the next step in my career; becoming a beekeeper; starring in a yoga DVD; writing a classic novel; meeting Carol Kirkwood, the BBC Breakfast weather presenter; kissing George Clooney and being on the cover of a skateboarding magazine.

A spokeswoman for Special K said: “We are so pleased we were able to help Tess fulfil her bucket list dream of designing a couture dress, our ‘Live in Colour’ campaign is about encouraging people to live a life full of variety, choice, pleasure and fun - not one of denial and deprivation. Everyone should feel empowered to pursue and achieve their life bucket list dreams.”

The average age when most people had the most success in ticking off items on their bucket list was 33, and the average bucket list extends to 16 items.

Seven out of ten people said money issues were stopping them completing their bucket list, while 15 per cent said they lacked the courage. Meanwhile others simply blamed marriage and relationships.

Top Ten Bucket List items:

1 – See Northern Lights

2 – Buy My Own Home

3 – Become fluent in a foreign language

4 – Get Married

5 – Start My Own business

6 – Have children

7 – Go backpacking around the world

8 – Eat at a three-star Michelin Restaurant

9 – Learn how to cook properly

10 – Run a marathon

Top Ten For Men:

1 – See Northern Lights

2 – Start My Own Business

3 – Buy My Own Home

4 – Become Fluent in a foreign language

5 – Run a Marathon

6 – Get a six pack

7 – Have children

8 – Get married

9 – Go sky diving

10 – Go backpacking around the world