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News Release | 07 March 2019


  • ‘Cereal Killer Brothers’ head to Manchester for the first time to launch Kellogg’s pop-up, to mark National Cereal Day

  • Kellogg’s unveils new cereal box designs with #LoveCereal celebration in its home city of 81 years

In a Kellogg’s first, the cereal company is launching a pop-up café in its home city of Manchester, to celebrate National Cereal Day and a redesign of its iconic cereal boxes. Located in the centre of Manchester (MCR), the pop-up draws inspiration from the Kellogg’s café in NYC in Manhattan.

Manchester is the birthplace of Crunchy Nut and is home to the largest Cornflakes factory in the world, making it the perfect home for Kellogg’s first pop-café in the UK, located in Princess Street between 7th and 10th March.

Fans will be able to immerse themselves in a celebration of cereal and enjoy Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, Crunchy Nut, Coco Pops, Rice Krispies and other family favourites – as well as get their hands on exclusive merchandise. On the menu, there will also be cereal ‘remixes’ with a Manchester flavour, including ‘Buzzin’ Bee Krunch’ and ‘This Charming Bran’.

Created with the help of Alan and Gary Keery - aka the Cereal Killer Brothers and brains behind London's 'Cereal Killer Café' - the Kellogg’s MCR pop-up is a cereal café showcasing artworks inspired by the new box designs. [North and south were united as The Cereal Killer Brothers were joined by Manchester’s very own Georgia May Foote to help with the official opening].

Gareth Maguire, Marketing Director, Kellogg’s, said: “Kellogg’s MCR is the perfect way to celebrate National Cereal Day. We’re excited to bring a taste of the Kellogg’s NYC café to Manchester with the help of cereal café gurus The Cereal Killer Brothers. We’re also taking the opportunity to showcase our new pack designs and give away some new packs and exclusive merchandise to people for sharing their love of cereal on social media using #LoveCereal”.

The Cereal Killer Bros said: "Like most people in the UK and beyond, we've grown up enjoying Kellogg's cereals at the breakfast table, so we are really excited to visit Manchester, the home of Kellogg's, for National Cereal Day.

"As cereal super fans ourselves, we knew there was love for cereal out there, but after launching the Cereal Killer Cafe in London it’s extraordinary how much people love cereal and it's fantastic to join Kellogg's and the people of Manchester to celebrate today."

Kellogg’s chose Manchester as its UK home 81 years ago when it opened a large cereal factory in Trafford Park. Today the Manchester manufacturing site makes one million boxes of cereal a day. Manchester is also the proud birthplace of Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut Corn Flakes.

Kellogg’s is also working with some of today’s most inspirational artists, including a local Manchester artist, by asking them to post their take on the new branding on Instagram using #LoveCereal.

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The revamped cereal boxes – which include iconic brands Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut and Coco Pops – feature unique and striking colours to stand out on shelves are hitting supermarkets now.

This fresh new look with stylised brand assets and clean design answers the consumer desire for more transparency on pack. The new labelling is much easier for people to read, with claims prioritised to facilitate better understanding and comprehension. Essentially, this simpler more transparent improves communication with shoppers.

The new artwork reflects the naturalness of the food and the heritage of the Kellogg story. The new design reflects a changing business, evolving to keep pace with consumer trends. In November, the company announced it would include "traffic light" labelling for most of its cereal boxes, a voluntary scheme used in the U.K. to show the proportion of fat, saturated fat, sugar, salt as well as the number of calories in food. All of the new packaging will now feature this new nutrition labelling format.

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