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30 Jan, 2017

Kellogg’s launches slurpable Stretch ‘n’ Sip Spoons

Bringing fun back to the box and back to the breakfast table

Kellogg’s has launched a new giveaway to encourage kids to eat up their breakfast. Collectable Stretch ‘n’ Sip spoons will be available in their favourite cereal packs.

The double ended spoon allows children to munch through their morning cereal, then to ensure they don’t miss the left over in the milk; the end converts into a straw for a slurpy breakfast finish.

The novelty spoons come in blue featuring Tony the Tiger, yellow and Coco the monkey, and green for Croc (Coco’s friend).

The promotional spoons will be available in the Coco Pops, Rice Krispies and Frosties boxes, so there are plenty of chances for the little ones to collect all three colours and characters.

The offer will run from the beginning of January until early March 2017.


Further more information, please contact the Kellogg’s press office on 0161 869 5500 or