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07 Apr, 2016


Maths whizz launches Ancient Legends, a new breakfast range by Kellogg’s

Rachel Riley has recreated the iconic look of Cleopatra in a stunning photoshoot to launch Kellogg’s new Ancient Legends product range.

The Countdown co-host, 30, looked almost unrecognisable in a Cleopatra wig, thick black lashes and high-fashion golden gowns.

To complete the Cleopatra look, Riley bravely posed with a variety of non-venomous snakes. The real Cleopatra, of course, died after being bitten by a deadly asp.

The photos were taken as part of the launch for Kellogg’s new Ancient Legends, six new varieties of granola, muesli and cereal which contain ancient grains and seeds such as spelt, rye, quinoa, chia and flax.

In the ancient past, these delicious grains were said to be a staple food of fearsome armies and warriors, but Kellogg’s has brought them back into the present day because they pack a firm nutritional punch.

Kellogg’s spokeswoman Louise Thompson-Davies said: “Rachel handled the snakes with no fear like a true ancient legend. She looked stunning as our celebrity Cleopatra, and at first glance I must admit I didn’t recognise her.”

Rachel said: “It was so much fun to become Cleopatra for the day. I grew up in a house with all kinds of reptiles so snakes aren’t a problem for me and I actually really like handling them!

“It’s great to see Kellogg’s launching Ancient Legends into mainstream supermarkets. I have to be careful about what I eat as I have various food intolerances but the mueslis and granolas are wheat-free so they're perfect for me and were great for nibbling on during the shoot!”

 Rachel also posed wearing an Oculus Rift headset as she took inspiration for the shoot by enjoying a bespoke Virtual Reality experience – exclusively created by tech experts in Sweden - with Cleopatra herself.

In a VR first the former Strictly star was transported back in time to enjoy physically eating breakfast in the virtual world, sitting with Cleopatra in the ambient surroundings of an Ancient Egyptian palace.

Guests at the Ancient Legends press launch at the British Museum were also able to take part in the exclusive experience.


For more information and pictures, please contact the Kellogg’s press office on 0161 869 5500 or email

The six Ancient Legends varieties (RRP £2.99) are:

Ancient Legends Muesli:

Puffed Spelt, Pumpkin & Sunflower Seeds, Sultana & Flax Seeds (450g)

Quinoa, Apple, Cranberry & Chia Seeds (450g)

Ancient Legends Granola:

Spelt, Cranberry, Sultana & Flax Seeds (400g)

Rye, Chia Seeds, Sultana & Pumpkin Seeds (400g)

Ancient Legends Cereal:

Rye, Cranberry, Almond & Flax Seeds (320g)

Spelt, Apple, Sultana & Chia Seeds (320g)

For more information and pictures, please contact the Kellogg’s press office on 0161 869 5500 or email