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07 Jun, 2016



Coleen Rooney has officially launched a specially designed couch full of gizmos and gadgets created after Pringles surveyed football fans on what would make watching games at home more convenient.

The “Pringles super sofa” includes ergonomically designed seats, snacks holders, celebratory confetti cannons, built in stress balls, mobile phone chargers and a drinks fridge.

The features were built in after the same survey also revealed some of the more unlikely features that people would love in their sofa.

More than one in ten people wanted their sofa to come with a built in toilet, while others asked for blindfolds in case of tense moments, as well as a built-in stick to prod the children with if they got in the way of the telly.

The Pringles survey of 2,000* people revealed that Coleen is the top choice when it comes to people you’d want to sit down and watch the football with, and the footballer’s wife who people think could actually explain the offside rule.

When it comes to this year’s competition, just 13 per cent of people in England think England will win, versus 19 per cent who believe Germany will take home the trophy. Despite this, Germany is the team England fans most want to play, showing they don’t shy from the big occasion.

Coleen said: “I try to watch as many live games as I can, whether that’s cheering on in the stands or having the family round in front of the telly.

“Regardless of where I am, I always get match ready by making sure I have the essentials with me – my mobile phone, snacks and drinks. Posing on this sofa was hilarious: the snackholders and fridge were very useful, but I’m not sure we’ll want to be attaching confetti cannons to my couch at home.”

Pringles spokeswoman Louise Thompson-Davies said: “Coleen was a legend. She was really down-to-earth and she knows her football as well – she really can explain the offside rule. We’re delighted she was able to launch the Pringles Super sofa for us, which encourages fans everywhere to get match ready in time for this football-filled summer.”

The Pringles survey also showed that for 52 per cent of football fans, crisps are the snack of choice, beating chocolate and pizza to the trophy for top snack.

This summer, 87 per cent of fans expect to watch the matches at home in front of the TV, compared to just 44 per cent who say they’ll make the traditional trip to the bar or pub.

Following the launch in London, the Pringles Super Sofa will be heading to Paris for football fans to enjoy. Everyone can join in the fun with hashtag #PringlesSuperFans


*Survey of 2000 people by One Poll

For more information, please contact the Kellogg’s Press Office on 0161 869 5500, or email