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The original plant-based food company

The original plant-based food company

Simple grains define who we are

Simple grains lie at the heart of our company, our food and our heritage

Our company’s founder – William Keith Kellogg – was the original wellbeing visionary and Kellogg’s started life as a wellbeing company, founded on the then-new scientific understanding of the importance of nutrition and benefits of a plant-based diet including its impact on a broader world.

Today you’ll find grains at the foundation of all our foods – be that corn, rice, wheat, barley or rye. While all our foods have been plant-based in origin, in 2018 we decided to launch a range of foods specifically for people looking to follow a plant-based diet. Called WK Kellogg and named after our founder, WK Kellogg is a range of products that includes no-added sugar granolas mixing wholesome grains like oats with tasty additions like fruit, nuts and seeds.