What is the Second Brain?

Find out how Scientists are proving the value of gut feelings

Your gut is sometimes called the ‘second brain’.

What is the Second Brain?

It might sound strange, but your gut is sometimes referred to as your ‘second brain’. But why is this? Surely your gut can’t help you understand what Shakespeare was talking about or help you do equations? Of course not! It’s sometimes called this because tissues in your gut are made of the same types of tissues as your central nervous system. These control an enormous network of hormones, electrical impulses and other pathways that communicate with your brain.

Have you ever felt your emotions in your gut when you’ve been nervous or anxious, or had a ‘gut feeling’? This is because your mind and gut are so closely linked that some researchers believe they operate as one system, not two.

A huge amount of research is being done to further understand the link between the brain and the gut. Scientists are hoping to find out more about how this relationship might affect your overall health, wellbeing and state of mind.

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