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Simple and Natural Breakfast Cereals to Start Your Day

Kellogg was created with the potential our founder, William Keith Kellogg saw in a single grain. With over 116 years of plant-based breakfasts, our cereals still begin with the natural simplicity of wheat, corn, oats or rice. Kellogg’s diverse range of cereals is proof that there can be endless potential in a single grain. And today, Kellogg is still the original plant-based food company and we have an unmatched range of family favourite foods and brands.

In 2020, All-Bran looked at expanding its offerings in gut health using a natural prebiotic. All-Bran Prebiotic** Oaty Clusters use chicory root fibre and wheat bran fibre.

Fruit N’ Fibre is a great combination, it fuses the goodness of wheat bran fibre*** and the tastiness of fruit, creating a well-rounded breakfast, while still keeping it simple.

Research shows 42% of UK cereal consumers are looking for high fibre when choosing their breakfast cereal*.

W.K Kellogg by Kids echoes this by using tasty fruit and veg to create naturally coloured and flavoured cereals that still have all the fun needed for kids to eat their breakfast. Parents needn’t worry about early morning moans when serving beetroot for breakfast as kids themselves were appointed as the tastemakers for W.K Kellogg by Kids.

For ‘the big kids’, the W.K Kellogg range offers delicious clusters of baked wholegrains. They contain no palm oil or artificial colours or flavours and are suitable for vegans. Flavours of this range include Raspberry, Apple & Carrot, and Simply Granola for those who want to choose their own toppings.

The original and best tasting****, Kellogg’s Corn Flakes is arguably the simplest of all. The very cereal which came as a result of W.K Kellogg’s initial epiphany, is made up of only four core ingredients. Each delicious Kellogg’s Corn Flake is simply a kernel of real golden corn, matured and naturally sundried in the field. It ripens in 140 days of sunshine and is then rolled and toasted to perfection to give you that iconic golden crisp crunchiness. There are no artificial colours or flavours in our Kellogg’s Corn Flakes.

As the original plant-based food company, simple grains will always lie at the heart of our company, our food and our heritage.

*Mintel 2018
**Chicory root fibre contributes to normal bowel function by increasing stool frequency. All-Bran Prebiotic Oaty Clusters Original/ Almond & Pumpkin Seeds contains 5.4g/ 4.9g chicory root fibre per serving, i.e. 45%/ 40% of the required daily intake. Full beneficial effect is obtained with a daily intake of 12g chicory root fibre.
*** 10g wheat bran fibre daily contributes to an acceleration of intestinal transit. Fruit ‘N Fibre/ All-Bran Prebiotic Oaty Clusters Original/ All-Bran Prebiotic Oaty Clusters Almond & Pumpkin Seeds contains 2.8g/ 3g/ 2.7g per serving.
Enjoy as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle
****Source: Independent survey by MMR, February 2021, tested against over 80% of the flakes products in UK/ROI. Online survey with 1,000 consumers.