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World Food Day 2020 was celebrated across the globe on October 16th with events organised and commitments made. It is one of the most celebrated days in the UN calendar and at Kellogg, we make it just as special. We reached out to our food partners across all of Europe to work together in support of the ‘Grow, Nourish and Sustain. Together.’ theme of this year.

World Food Day

These past few months have made us all more appreciative of the simple things that many go without. Turning to our food partners in Ireland, Italy and Belgium, we supported them through food donations and funding. With Breakfast being our obvious favourite meal of the day, we provided more funding to our UK breakfast clubs, ensuring a better start to everyone’s morning. We also reached out to local restaurants in Romania partnering with them to provide meals for children in need.

As we expect an increase in poverty and hunger as a result of Covid, we made sure to increase our efforts for future commitments this year. Having already increased support to help those in need throughout the pandemic, we wanted to further this even more for World Food Day. We organised future volunteering days with FoodCloud in Ireland and local charity partners in the UK. In Russia, we created a social media campaign to increase fundraising abilities for our partner Food Bank Rus. We launched the National Food Bank Awards in Spain so our charity partner FESBAL could increase their reach throughout Spain.

We joined forces with retailers and businesses to create even more support across Europe. In France, we supported the National Food Collection with our charity partner Andes. In Germany, we supported REWE, a strong trade partner and retailer working with Tafel Deutschland (German food banks). REWE and Kellogg have been mutual partners of Tafel for many years and have provided Tafel with non-perishable food. For every one of our Kellogg's cereals and muesli sold on World Food Day from REWE, a comparable product was donated by Kellogg.

Food is a basic human right and we hope you will join us in our commitment to decrease our food waste, making sure we get food to the people who need it most.