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Kellogg FESBAL and create awards for innovation in the fight against hunger

Kellogg and FESBAL, a non-governmental organisation that supports the work of Spanish Food Banks in their fight against hunger, poverty and waste, have come together for the first time to launch the W.K Kellogg-FESBAL Awards to promote innovation in social initiatives that help fight hunger. The money granted from these awards will not only be used to launch projects that give people in disadvantaged areas access to breakfast but will generate new ideas that encourages organisations and individuals to contribute to the projects.

Kellogg has collaborated with Spanish Food Banks for decades and, to help alleviate the social crisis caused by the pandemic, it has increased its donations of food. In the last year, Kellogg has donated up to 3 million additional servings of food and €60,000 to help meet the additional costs required to distribute food to the people most in need.

In addition to providing grants for social initiatives, Kellogg and FESBAL are helping more people get access to a healthy breakfast which is a key driver in helping people meet their daily essential nutrients and energy. In fact, nutritional experts recommend that breakfast should contribute between 20% and 25% of the total energy intake for the day for children and adults. *

W.K Kellogg-FESBAL Award Categories

In the first category, new FESBAL projects with the aim of offering breakfast to people in need can apply for funding. This award of €15,000 will all go towards the start-up and financing of a project in 2021.

The second category will reward ideas submitted by individuals or organisations wanting to create new projects or improve existing ones providing breakfast to disadvantaged people through the Food Banks of Spain. This award of €3,000 takes into account the originality and viability of the pitch and requires a commitment to carrying it out but does not require a detailed plan.

Finally, the third category recognises research and journalism surrounding the social work carried out by FESBAL. This award is worth €2,000 and is open to writers and media organisations that have published this work during 2020 right up until January 15th, 2021.

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*Spanish Nutrition Foundation (FEN), Report "Status of breakfast in Spain", 2018.