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The French food bank’s ethos is “L’aide alimentaire, porte d’entrée vers l’inclusion” which translates to “Food aid, a gateway to inclusion” Established in 1984 in Paris, the food banks were founded on principles that still govern the daily life of the 79 Food Banks and 29 branches: free, sharing, donation, the fight against food waste, volunteering and sponsorship.

Kellogg’s primary objective is to convert every kilo of grain we buy into food that we can sell. However, there are occasions when we have food that we cannot sell in the usual way.

Kellogg aims to give as much of this food as possible to food redistribution charities like the Food Banks so that they can feed the most vulnerable people in our society.

Kellogg and ANDES first collaborated in 2019 on a project that set out to ensure vulnerable children in France had access to a healthy breakfast. Within the first year of this partnership, 170 breakfast workshops were organised in solidarity grocery stores and 20,000 kits were made available to families in need.

Kellogg are also the first benefactor of the charity to donate financially to the ANDES fund. Contributing €200,000 to the fund allows ANDES to create 25 new grocery stores while also helping prolong the activity of 10 other grocery shops already in action.

In 2020, Kellogg has provided 8.4 million servings as part of our Better Days pledge. This was spread among French food banks, ANDES Social Shops and French hospitals amounting to around 400 tonnes by December 2020.

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