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Kellogg teams up with FoodCloud to help people in Ireland

Kellogg has teamed up with FoodCloud to help feed vulnerable families and individuals in Ireland with cereal and snacks during these difficult times.

FoodCloud’s mission is to transform surplus food into an opportunity to make the world a kinder place. They do this by collecting surplus food from the food industry and re-distributing it to their network of Community Groups and charities around the country, reducing the environmental, social and economic impact of food. Large companies, including Kellogg, donate food to FoodCloud, who then split it up and distribute it to charities and places across the country that we wouldn’t be able to reach without their help.

Since March, Kellogg has donated approximately 1,256,666 servings of food * that have been distributed to charities and community groups. FoodCloud has seen an increase in demand of 44% compared to the same time last year making donations like these from Kellogg even more important than ever.

Through their donations of cereals and snacks, Kellogg has helped charities and community groups offer a full meal to those who use their service. On top of the food donations, Kellogg has also donated €40,000 to FoodCloud to cover extra costs.

"Kellogg’s does mean a lot to our service users. They eat Kellogg’s every morning for Breakfast, seven days a week, so it means a lot to us. "- Katie Fitzsimmons, Head of Operations, Mendicity This is the first time Kellogg has partnered with FoodCloud and will continue to support the charity throughout the year having already donated 1.25 million servings of food to charities in Ireland.

“We are so grateful for the support of our donors like Kellogg, who saw the opportunity to help those in need during this time and took it. It is thanks to their donations that FoodCloud can continue to ensure good food gets to the 500+ Charities and Community Groups we support.” – FoodCloud 2020

*One serving = 30gs