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Kellogg Guarantees Breakfast for Children at Risk of Poverty in Educo Spanish Summer Camps

Kellogg has joined Educo in their initiative to provide 2,900 at risk children with at least one full meal a day. Over the summer holidays, the “Summer Dining Scholarships” provide one full meal to children where food at home isn’t guaranteed. Covid-19 has made this situation worse for the 2.5 million children in these circumstances and in response, Kellogg will be donating more 23,000 breakfasts.

These camps, designed for children aged 3 to 17, are still going ahead this summer and have enhanced covid-19 security measures in place.

"Summer is always a critical time for families at risk of poverty. The end of the school year also means the end of scholarships for meals and the children are not guaranteed food every day until the beginning of the new school year," says Macarena Céspedes, Director of Educo Spain.

With the suspension of classes from mid-March, thousands of children were no longer benefitting from breakfast clubs that would often provide them with their only meal of the day. Many families are having great difficulty feeding themselves in these circumstances.

From 2011, Kellogg provides full breakfasts (consisting of at least fruit, dairy and cereals) every day of the school year to over 1,000 children across Spain who are not guaranteed food at home. This social programme is called 'Todos a Desayunar',

In response to this situation, and in response to a request for help from several school principals on behalf of the families, Kellogg has temporarily adapted its 'Todos a Desayunar' programme to deliver shopping carts containing 38 kilos of food to the families of the beneficiary children. These shopping carts, worth 50 euros, are being distributed fortnightly or weekly thanks to the collaboration of Carrefour stores.

Currently, 478 families in Madrid, Seville, Malaga, Granada and Valencia are receiving this aid, which is guaranteed until 13 September; the date on which these children are expected to be able to return to receive breakfast in their schools with the start of the new school year. This means that 4,500 shopping carts are being distributed, more than 170,000 kilos of food from April to September 2020, delivered directly to 2,205 people, of which 744 are school-age children.