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Kellogg’s Corn Flakes: a responsibly sourced corn journey

From the first indigenous people in southern Mexico around 10,000 years ago to millions of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes sold in Europe today, corn, or Maíz in Spanish, has played an important part of our diet. At Kellogg, we believe in providing families with better breakfasts, making Corn Flakes the same way W.K. Kellogg did back in 1898.

Since then we have been living our founder’s values and “Are passionate about our business, our brands and our food” values that are at the core of Kellogg Company. We believe in nurturing our planet by being conscious of where our food comes from, that is why from January 2019 all of the corn used in Kellogg’s Corn Flakes® sold in Europe is responsibly sourced and the claim ‘made with responsibly sourced corn’ is prominent on all packs.

To achieve our responsible sourcing goal, we embarked on a journey that brought us back to the origins of corn and specifically to Argentina, where the conditions are ideal for growing the special `flint’ corn we use. We worked with farmers to implement, assess and improve responsible growing practices that meet the necessary criteria: environmental, social and governance.

“As a leading global food company, we play an important role in ensuing our foods are made in ways that help support a more responsible food supply for the future. And we’ve been on a continuous journey to do so.” said Kati Kaskeala, Corporate Communications and Sustainability Director, Kellogg Europe. It is important for us at Kellogg to enrich and delight the world with foods that matter while also doing what’s right for the environment and society.

We want to be transparent and share our knowledge with consumers to help them understand what is in each box of cereal. Corn is the main, of only four, ingredients in Kellogg’s Corn Flakes and it is responsibly sourced with verified environmental and social best practices, it is sundried in the field, rolled and toasted, and finished with added goodness such as; vitamins and minerals, containing no artificial colours or flavours to deliver the original delicious and crispy flakes.

Kellogg’s environmental stewardship reinforces the same company vision that has been creating great cereals for over 100 years. But this is not the end of the journey, it is part of our wider commitment to responsibly source our 10 priority Kellogg ingredients by 2020. At Kellogg, we embrace change for a brighter future.