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Who doesn’t love a half day on Friday?

At Kellogg’s we believe that people are the secret ingredient in making our food so good. So we work hard to keep them happy and one of the things we offer our employees in Europe is called ‘summer hours’.

Summer hours means that many office-based employees are able to finish work early on Fridays provided they have completed the equivalent of a full workweek. The Kellogg’s summer hours scheme has now entered its 15th year and, the take up rates are high!

The option of leaving work early on Fridays runs from May to September in some office and in other locations, it’s all year round. We believe that summer hours helps boost work motivation and inspires people to finish their work munch more efficiently.

And it’s not just us who think this, in an experiment funded by the Swedish government, staff at a retirement home worked six-hour days on an eight-hour salary. The experiment proved that a shorter workday can increase productivity, improve happiness and increase energy.

Summer hours offers employees greater flexibility to balance their professional and personal lives. The provision of summer hours is one of the many things that makes working at Kellogg’s the special place that it is.

Flexible working hours often boosts employee morale and productivity and can help prevent any summer ‘sickies’.

Kellogg’s believes that more time away from desks, especially in warmer weather gives people flexibility to enjoy long weekends, pursue hobbies and spend extra time with their family and friends.

Kellogg’s recognises the relationship between job autonomy and job satisfaction, and other companies are starting to follow suit.

Flexible working arrangements are something Kellogg’s really cares about, and is part of a package offered to ensure that we provide work-life balance opportunities to employees. Other work-life balance options include part-time working, flexible working hours for all employees, career breaks, homeworking and a flexible benefits scheme.

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