Last Year’s Winners

St Kevin’s Primary School, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Set up in 2011 using a Kellogg’s start-up fund, St Kevin’s Primary School Breakfast Club provides a fun and enriching environment for more than 60 children per day.
The club has made a significant impact on children’s behaviour, confidence, punctuality and results in the classroom, thanks to the support of the dedicated staff at St Kevin’s and the hearty breakfasts provided each morning.

The judges were particularly impressed by the parents’ and grandparents’ involvement in the club’s activities. Mums, dads, grannies and grandpas are invited to ‘special breakfasts’ throughout the year, joining in with games, reading and of course, sharing breakfast together.
“We are absolutely delighted to be the Grand Winners. Our success is testimony to our members of staff and to our parent volunteers, without whom the club wouldn’t be such a success.” – John McComb, Vice Principal.

With the £2,000 prize money, the club will be stocked up with new games, books and even iPads that will host an app called Take Ten. The app is proven to reduce anxiety and stress, which the team at St Kevin’s will introduce to give children the best possible start to the day.

New Leake Primary School, Lincolnshire, England

Mrs. Rose Taylor is a key member of the team at New Leake Primary School’s Breakfast Club, which was set up in September 2014.

New Leake is a rural school, several miles from the nearest town. Every morning, Rose walks in all weathers to the school, setting up the Breakfast Club to ensure those who rely on it have the best start to the day possible.

Rose was selected as the Breakfast Club Hero because of her dedication and incredibly positive effect on children (and staff) at New Leake. Rose is described by colleagues as a ‘joy to behold’, thanks to her warm smile and the support she gives to both parents and pupils at the school.

“New Leake Primary is such a lovely place to work and being the Breakfast Club Leader is like being part of a big happy family. It is an honour to be part of such a wonderful school. I walk to school every day, rain, wind or shine, and the smiles on the children’s faces make it all worthwhile.” – Rose Taylor, Breakfast Club Leader. The £1,500 prize money will be used by New Leake Primary School to keep the Breakfast Club running and refresh the resources for children.

Hannah More Primary School, Bristol, England

Set up to improve punctuality and attendance, and to support working parents, Hannah More Primary School Breakfast Club has been running for over 10 years.

Hannah Moore was selected as the Best Breakfast Club in England because of the range of activities the club offers and the bonds it’s developed with parents; there are even a few dads of attendees who have been trained to promote walking and cycling to school and educating children on safety.

“Our club has developed enormously since its early days and now offers a really wide range of activities, alongside a nutritious breakfast. We hold regular outdoor ‘bike breakfasts,’ where children can get simple repairs done or swap bikes for a bigger size. On winter days there’s even an outdoor fire with hot chocolate.” – Ruth Cochrane, Community Development Coordinator.

The £1,500 prize money will be put towards a range of activities to help both parents and children; new volunteer lanyards, to identify those helping at the club, new books, magazine subscriptions, board games and sports equipment, a new craft tutor to skill-up parents so they can run activities themselves in the future, a Food Hygiene course and a First Aid course for volunteers.

Oakfield Primary School, Cardiff, Wales

Oakfield Primary School Breakfast Club was set up in 2005, when staff members noticed a number of pupils were arriving at school hungry. Numbers slowly increased and staff currently feed 150 pupils per week.

Oakfield has now won this award two years in a row, thanks to its positive effect on pupils’ attendance. Over the past six years, attendance improved from 89% to 94.8% in direct correlation to the increase in children going to the Breakfast Club.

The standard of pupils’ work has also improved, with almost all attendees progressing by two ‘sub-levels’ or more in a school year.

“The pupils were very excited to hear we had won the Kellogg’s Breakfast Club Award. Pupils enjoy coming early to school to eat their breakfast and to socialise with friends and staff.” – Rita Walker, Assistant Head Teacher.

The £1,500 prize money will buy the Breakfast Club a new outdoor climbing frame to encourage exercise and provide entertainment for children in the years to come.

Brownlow Integrated College, Craigavon, Northern Ireland

The Breakfast Club at Brownlow Integrated College has been running for 10 years and welcomes students from a wide range of socially diverse backgrounds.

The club is a huge support to local families and was selected as the Best Breakfast Club in Northern Ireland because of its importance in the community

“We’re so pleased to have won this Award. The children are really benefitting from the Breakfast Club and it’s a credit to the staff who put the extra effort in.” – Ruth Dennison, Senior Executive Officer
Staff will use the £1,500 prize money to update the club’s equipment, buy a digital radio and source some prizes for pupils who consistently help the Breakfast Club run smoothly

Tarbolton Primary School, Tarbolton, Scotland

Set up three years ago, Tarbolton Primary School’s Breakfast Club is described by staff as an ‘extended family’. The club focuses on building the children’s confidence and helping each individual improve their social skills.

Despite being in the middle of relocation, the school has managed to keep the Breakfast Club running for the many working parents who need to drop their children off at the start of the day.

“We’re overjoyed to have won this award. It shows all the hard work the staff do is worthwhile, as the children are really benefiting from the club. The children’s’ confidence and punctuality have improved significantly since coming to the club and taking part in our activities.” – Rachel Nelson, PE Specialist

With the school moving to a new building, the prize money will be spent on a new hob for the breakfast kitchen, while helping to keep the club free to attend.

St. Mary’s Primary School, Belfast, Northern Ireland

St. Mary’s Primary School Breakfast Club has been running for 15 years, with the aim of educating attendees on healthy food and lifestyle choices.

The judges were impressed by the club’s activities, such as ‘Active Breakfast’, which encourages exercise, ‘Breakfast Buddies’, to help children support each other, and the 'Breakfast Bake In’, which gives children the opportunity to cook with healthy ingredients.

“Winning this Award has given us an opportunity to celebrate the fantastic work the staff, pupils and community are doing to make real and lasting changes to the lives of our pupils.

Changing lives and communities will leave a real and lasting legacy, not only of the awards but of the daily good practice we share.”
– Mary Harbinson, Principle

St Mary’s will use the £1,500 prize money to provide home language support, long term fitness goals for attendees and opportunities for pupils to take part in activities with other schools in the community.

North Ridge Community School, Doncaster, England

North Ridge Community School is a Special School for children between 3 and 19 years of age. The Breakfast Club was set up in 2014 and has implemented a variety of methods to help pupils build independence and valuable life skills.

The extra learning activities at the Breakfast Club are focused on preparing children for life as adults; attendees purchase and prepare the ingredients, there are confidence building activities and even budgeting lessons. The results are shown by children’s readiness for the school day as well as an increase in attendance, punctuality and results.

“All the hard work staff put in is worthwhile as the children are hugely benefitting from the extra learning activities. We’ve seen a huge change in children’s social skills, self-esteem and confidence since coming to Breakfast Club and taking part in our day to day activities, preparing them for independence in adulthood.” – Sue Plant, Assistant Head Teacher.

The £1,500 prize money will buy new story tapes, reading materials, music and games. Staff also want to set up 'Taster Days' for relatives of pupils and book live music and drama performances throughout the year.

St Mark’s Primary School, Irvine, Scotland

St Mark’s Primary School Breakfast Club opened in 2014 and is completely self-sufficient, making it the ideal choice for this Award.
The club receives food donations from local charity FareShare as well as donations from a local parish. The club also benefits from fundraising events and bag-packing sessions at local supermarkets to raise funds.

“We are delighted to have won the Long Life and Sustainability Award. The children really benefit from the club, where they experience a relaxed, friendly start to the school day and are able to socialise with their friends before going to class. All of this contributes to a positive attitude in the children and improves their readiness to learn.” – Elizabeth Ness, Head Teacher

The £1,500 prize money will enable the club’s ‘fantastic group’ of volunteers to continue providing a free, healthy breakfast to the pupils of St. Mark's and to purchase materials aimed at developing self-esteem and social skills.