The right education comes with the right nutrition

Kellogg’s has teamed up with the Egyptian Food Bank, to achieve the ambition of ending hunger in the country for all age groups. Both Kellogg’s and the Egyptian Food Bank believe that education is key to tacking this problem as with the right education comes the right nutrition.

Around the world, we’ve seen firsthand how breakfast club programmes can help kids go to school, ready to learn. That’s why, through our global purpose platform, Breakfasts for Better Days™, Kellogg’s is offering nutrition education programs to two million more children so they can reach their full potential.

A helping hand

When well-known Egyptian food company Bisco Misr joined the Kellogg family in 2015, a new partnership with the Egyptian Food Bank was born. With financial support from the Kellogg Company Fund, the food bank launched a new project at the El Demerdash School in Sawah, Cairo – and together with the support of Kellogg’s this project feeds over 400 children every day.

This school is one of many in an initiative was created by the Egyptian Food Bank. These school kitchens operate in the poorest primary governmental schools, providing students who may otherwise go without with a nutritious daily meal.

Food for thought

In December 2017, more than one million Bisco Misr Datto Date Bars, were also donated to be distributed through the Egyptian Food Bank. In addition, the partnership with the Egyptian Food Bank includes other important activities: fasting employees volunteers also help prepare Ramadan food boxes for people in need and the Kellogg’s Elderly programme in has been extended to provide even more food and other services for seniors.

You can read more about Kellogg’s Breakfasts for Better Days and our work with the Egyptian Food Bank and many other organizations in the 10th annual Kellogg Company Corporate Responsibility Report, Nourishing Families So They Can Flourish and Thrive.

The report outlines our progress nourishing with our foods, feeding people in need and nurturing our planet, all while living our founder’s values.