We believe that great starts lead to great things. So we want to ensure the very best start for the foods we make, the farmers we work with, and the natural places where our ingredients grow.

The Kellogg’s Origins™ Programme supports the farmers who produce grains for us, both here the UK and elsewhere in Europe. It’s all about giving those farmers access to the best agricultural practices, and helping them to protect the environments where our grains begin their journey.

Caring For Nature

The Kellogg’s Natural Heritage Initiative is an important part of the Kellogg’s Origins™ Programme in the UK. It supports a number of farmers who put a special care for nature as they grow our grains. Together, we are supporting bringing back insects, wild plants, and other natural species to our countryside, helping to recover and protect the natural balance that creates a rich and healthy start for our grains.

Natural Heritage Initiative

Through the Natural Heritage Initiative, we work with expert organisations to encourage farmers to adopt seven natural care practices.

1. Soil Health & Fertility

Tudor – one of our experts - digs a soil pit to teach our farmers all about soil structure, and how to improve it.

2. Natural Fertilisers

Origins farmer Steve makes his own compost from farmyard green waste, using his special secret recipe.

3. Cover & Companion Crops

Cover crops literally grow vitality back into the soil and encourage worms, the farmers ally, to thrive in the soil.

4. Natural Crop Protection

Origins farmer Alastair has a “beetle bank” in the middle of one of his fields, where thousands of beetles live amongst the longer grass. They protect the wheat naturally, by keeping tiny bugs called aphids under control.

5. Wildflower Pollinator Mix

Origins farmer Ivan users a wildflower mix to give pollinating bees and other insects a delicious supply of nectar. Whilst wheat pollinates by air, thriving insect life can help protect your breakfast.

6. Winter Bird Feed

Special mixtures of seedy plants, like this sunflower, are grown on strips at the edges of fields so nearby birds can enjoy a nourishing breakfast throughout the winters. Thanks to the Allerton Project for use of this image.

7. Trees & Hedgerows

Trees and hedgerows protect fields from high winds and provide shelter and food for animals and insects the whole year round. Thanks to The Allerton Project for use of this image.

Our Partners

We’re thankful to all our expert partners.

The Allerton Project helped us create our Natural Heritage Initiative, as well as advising farmers participating in the Kellogg Origins™ Programme on how to introduce our seven natural care practices. The Allerton Project includes Kellogg farmers, advisors and have a real farm exemplary showcase of all 7 natural heritage practices we promote. They support project management and are trialing new agricultural techniques with us such as cover crops and soil.

NIAB TAG, as an independent, charitable agronomy research organization, is the technical engine room of the project. NIAB TAG staff provides technical advice, and planning and assessing on farm field trials. They also give special membership to the farmers participating in the Kellogg’s Origins™ Programme allowing them special access to resources, crop updates and members-only events and field days across the country.

Openfield are the UK’s leading grain marketing, farmer cooperative. Working with over 7000 farmers and marketing approximately 20% of the national cereals and rape crop. Openfield help farmers collectively find markets for their grain and manage the connection of farmers’ grains, for those participating in the Kellogg’s Origins™ program, to our products.

HGCA are the UK levy board representing the UK wheat and cereals and oilseed growers. They provided advice, and support the Kellogg’s Origins™ programme aims. Specifically they funded the Technical Steering Group in the first year of the grower groups.

EFFP is a niche consultancy whose aims are to connect agricultural chains. They have done this in many sectors and have advised and supported structural design and set up for the Kellogg’s Origins™ programme so far.

Bowmans, are the North UK miller through which half the grain passes. Bowmans manage contracts through merchants and cooperatives such as Openfield, blending grains and ensuring quality to meet our specifications of milled ingredients.

Heygates, are the South UK miller through which half the grain passes. Heygates manage contracts directly with farmers, blending grains, and ensuring quality to meet our specifications of milled ingredients.

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