What’s at the heart of a family breakfast?

We put tiny cameras inside a handful of families’ cereal boxes, to catch a glimpse of what’s at the heart of an everyday family breakfast. Some of the things we discovered were extremely familiar, and others were rather new! Take a look at our film to see for yourself.

The 5 nutrients at the heart of a Kellogg’s breakfast

You’re sure to know what goes on around the kitchen table at your family breakfast, but do you know what’s going on inside your kids’ breakfast bowls? A serving of Kellogg’s cereal with milk contains the 5 nutrients that are essential to a happy, healthy lifestyle, helping you give your kids a great start in the morning. Find out more about the 5 below.


Meet the 5

Your kids’ breakfast bowls are bursting with 5 essential nutrients. There’s calcium and protein from the milk, and B vitamins, vitamin D, and iron from the cereal. Click on each one to learn more about their brilliant benefits.

Say cheese!

Meet our families. They’re full of smiley breakfast lovers.

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