The Power of Breakfast

Wake up to a world of possibilities. A world where the day is yours, everything is brighter and anything can happen. It’s time to awaken your best, savour your potential and start something great.

And it all begins with breakfast.

When you start with a nutritious and balanced breakfast, you’re refuelling your body and brain, kick-starting your metabolism and getting the energy you need to embrace the morning.

Yet while many of us recognise the importance of breakfast and look for ways to make time for it in our daily routines, 1 in 5 of us skip breakfast everyday.

By skipping breakfast, even only one occasion, we miss out on vitamins, minerals and fibre that are important for a well-balanced diet. Important nutrients that adults, and especially children, may not make up for later in the day.

Best Start to the Day

More than just a meal, breakfast is the springboard to the day’s possibilities. By enjoying a balanced breakfast each day, we all get the energy we need to make the most of every morning.

Breakfast at Its Best

One great way to start the day right and enjoy the benefits of breakfast is with a fortified cereal.

Fortified cereal ranks as one of the best breakfast choices available because it is typically a low-fat, low saturated fat food. It’s made from simple grains and is essential to providing all of us with many valuable vitamins and minerals. In fact, our National Diet and Nutrition Surveys show that around 15% of the nations iron, and 10% of the nations intake of thiamin, riboflavin and folic acid comes from fortified breakfast cereal.

Plus, cereal offers variety. So everyone has the chance to eat what he or she loves. Great-tasting, good-for-you cereals that you want to wake up to. Cereals that get you up and get you going each day.

Cereal is also a good value. For less than 40 pence a bowl (including milk), your family can get all of the benefits of a nutritious breakfast for just a fraction of the cost of other breakfast foods.

And perhaps best of all, cereal helps keep mornings simple. It’s quick to prepare and easy to eat on the go — even for the busiest of families.

Breakfast in Great Britain

At Kellogg we believe that great breakfasts lead to great days. And we’re passionate about helping everyone start each morning off right.

To better do this, we wanted to find out what matters to you and what role breakfast plays in the lives of you and your family. So we asked. And more than 2,000 people answered our survey on the subject of breakfast and the morning mealtime routine.

Questions ranged from the simple, such as, “How often do you eat breakfast?” and “What type of breakfast do you prefer?” to the more complex “What are the repercussions of missing breakfast?”

With each answer came deeper insight into the attitudes about your family’s morning habits. Why you eat what you eat for breakfast. Understanding the barriers that might keep families from enjoying breakfast. And the ways in which breakfast habits have changed over the years.

More than anything, we found that while the vast majority of people feel breakfast is important, the reasons for having breakfast varied across geographical regions.

Overall, 26 percent of respondents desired a leisurely breakfast. But that number was considerably higher in places such as Sheffield and Newcastle (35-39 percent).

On average, 10 percent of those surveyed were moving to a continental breakfast because it offers convenience and eating on the go. Yet in Edinburgh, only 2 percent cited convenience as their reason to change.

More so, the desire for variety was a major factor for a lot of people, with Newcastle leading the way at 39 percent.

So what does all this mean?

By asking these questions, it helps us to better understand the needs of you and your family. And in doing so, we can then look to continue to provide a variety of thoughtful, wholesome and delicious ways for everyone to realize the power of breakfast — to taste the potential of every day.